Invitation to Host the IUPESM 2028 World Congress

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1 June 2020


Dear Colleagues,

The IUPESM World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering is the triennial event of the IOMP and IFMBE. Previous such IUPESM World Congresses have solidified the unifying concepts of the physical and engineering sciences in medicine. The next two World Congresses in Singapore 2022 and Adelaide 2025 will continue strengthen the co-operation within IUPESM.

At this time, the IUPESM Congress Coordinating Committee (CCC) invites interested member societies to submit a “Letter of Interest in Hosting the IUPESM 2028 World Congress” and return it to Professor Leandro Pecchia, Secretary General of IUPESM at:

The deadline for receipt of this ”Letter of Interest” is 1 September 2020.

Upon receipt of the letter of interest we shall place your country on the list of applicants to host the IUPESM 2028 World Congress. The next step is to submit a complete electronic application to organize the IUPESM 2028 World Congress to Professor Pecchia. The documents for this are appended. Note that applications to host the World Congress must represent both the biomedical engineering and the medical physics Member Societies of good standing from the host country; i.e., nations with only one of these two constituent societies in IOMP and IFMBE are not eligible to host an IUPESM World Congress.

The deadline to submit a complete proposal is 1 December 2020.

The IUPESM Administrative Council appreciates the amount of work associated with planning, preparation, management and financing of a World Congress, and as such “smaller Member Societies” may find this a daunting task. With this in mind, IUPESM is prepared to offer support if required. Such support could be in the form of IUPESM organization of the scientific program, help in preparation and running of the Congress, proactive financial support and/or other assistance as requested. Alternatively, groupings of Member Societies may wish to consider submission of collaborative bids to share the extent of the workload. The level of support, if needed, will be negotiated between the host country and the IUPESM Congress Coordinating Committee prior to the selection voting process in WC 2022 Singapore. The written procedures for the selection of the World Congress site are enclosed.

The CCC eagerly awaits your letter of interest and stands prepared to assist you in preparing a proposal that clearly highlights the advantages and potential of your setting for the triennial IUPESM World Congress.

Best wishes,

Professor James Goh, President, IUPESM


Invitation Letter to Bid for IUPESM WC2028

Letter of Interest to Host IUPESM WC2028

Proposal Form to host IUPESM WC2028

Criteria for Selection for IUPESM WC2028

Procedure for IUPESM WC2028 Site Selection


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