Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development – Join scientists for a 24-hour online event around the globe, 5 June – 5:00 GMT / 6 June – 5:00 GMT

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How are scientists paving the way to the collective progress towards sustainable development? How
could they do better, and more? International scientific unions, research organizations, science
academies, learned societies, and scientific networks involved in the International Year of Basic
Sciences for Sustainable Development in 2022 and 2023 are already working on answering these
On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June 2023, we are offering science enthusiasts a 24-
hour live online broadcast, to share how scientific results, as well as ways of doing science, already
contribute to building a better world for all.
How can we reduce pollution from plastics and electronic waste? What will be the effects of climate
change on future plant-herbivore interactions or on extreme weather events? How does biophysics
improve human health and agriculture? Why must we develop a more open approach to science? How
are big science facilities already transitioning to sustainability? What can basic physics bring to
environment research or cultural heritage preservation? What are the most efficient actions to reduce
the gender gap in science?
Join scientists from Korea to Colombia, from Burkina Faso to Sri Lanka, from South Africa to Canada,
from diverse experiences and backgrounds, who will discuss these questions and many more.
Most talks and discussions will be in English. Some will be in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and other
More information is available at
The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, it aims to increase the recognition of the
importance of science to progress in the directions given by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. it
was officially launched at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, 8 July 2022. Over 250 events have
already been held around the globe, with hundreds of thousands of participants. Many more are planned
until the closing ceremony, that will be held 15 December 2023 at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.


The United Nations 2030 Agenda
It is the ambitious program that the Member States of the United Nations have agreed on to ensure a
balanced, sustainable, and inclusive development of all the world’s populations. It is articulated into 17
Sustainable Development Goals towards which we must collectively strive.

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